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Gather around the Hearth: A day of Heart Centered Community Natura Wellness Retreat

The Next Gathering Is DECEMBER 3!

I am honored to be cocreating such a special day out at Natura. So grateful for all the beautiful humans bringing their magic to share with our community.

Cost: $22/car (parking limited carpool encouraged) $4/person, children under 12 free!


Cost includes the full day of workshops and community.


Donations encouraged for one-on-one experiences

Event is BYOP (bring your own picnic) and BYOI (bring your own instrument). Our hope is that we will have no shortage of jam sessions throughout the day. Let’s sing, dance, play and celebrate our hearts.

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Local Artist and vendors:

If you are interested in offering your magic, please shoot me a DM or email: booth space is $22 and includes one car/two entrance tickets separate vendor post to come, showcasing all of you!!

Join me for 4 weeks of mantra and meditation at Wild Spirit Yoga + Wellness.


What is Mantra:


Tra= Tool or Vehicle


A mantra is a vehicle or tool used to transport us away from the spiraling/looping thoughts, and into a higher intentional vibration.


During this 30 minute class we will learn more about WHY, chant with curiosity and devotion, spend time in stillness and meditation and connect.


Investment: Included in WSY+W class packages ordrop-in rate

Location: Wild Spirit Yoga + Wellness and Online Livestream

Date/Time: We will meet the following Tuesdays at 10:30 am:

September 5th

September 12th

September 19th

October 3rd 

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Reiki Level 1 at Wild Spirit Yoga + Wellness

Saturday, September 16: 12-6 pm

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

The term Rei is universal and connects the spiritual realms. Rei connects the  Universal Consciousness / Universal Mind / God / Supreme Being with the
elemental forces of the Earth through the Mind, Body and Spirit of a human being.

Ki is Life Force Energy, the same as Chi, Prana, Ti or Ki; the biofield of energy. Life Force Energy plays an important role in everything we do. Sometimes is can be misappropriated / blocked / restrained by conditions of our daily life, fluctuations of the mind or patterns both adopted from our habits and or from traumas experienced.

The human, or healer, acts as a bridge to bring Reiki wisdom, guidance and healing down to the people.

Reiki is a unique kind of Ki, it is guided by spiritual consciousness; it is brought to the student though an attunement from a Reiki Master Teacher. This attunement is an initiation of sorts; adjusting the students energy pathways to accommodate the ability to channel Reiki energy. It is held by a sacred lineage  of practitioners who hold space for the ever expanding ocean of waking consciousness.

When you are attuned, you have a lifetime of awareness both ahead of you and behind you, carrying the wisdom of all who have come before you and all who will come after you. Reiki can be used for self healing, to provide a safe container to help others heal, and to lovingly honor the  Great Turning, happening RIGHT NOW.

In this course you will learn about the power and support of the Reiki lineage, receive the Reiki Level 1 attunement, have the opportunity to experience hands on practice / receive from fellow students, and create community for integration.

Emily’s Reiki Journey: Emily Williams has been practicing Reiki since 2015, receiving her Reiki1/2/Master attunements from Jennifer Carmack, and her Reiki Master Teacher attunements from Libby Barnett. She is currently enrolled to become  a Reiki Master of Masters with Libby in October of 2023.

Investment: $222
Location: Wild Spirit Yoga + Wellness
Date/Time: Saturday, September 16th: 12 -6 pm

Click HERE to register

Level 2 date and time to follow

{The above information adapted from William Rand’s Reiki manual and Libby Barnett’s Teacher manual.}

CoCreationship: 40 Days of Devotion

The Online Cocreationship Container opens September 1st, as a place for accountability, vulnerability and sustainability. This is a free offering, using a closed Facebook Group, a safe place to share our experiences and practice.


Last year, Chris ran across the "40 Days of Devotion" challenge by BLU. I love Blu, she's magical, and if it worked for her... I was in. During that time, I committed to creating a devotional practice, everyday for 40 days. I did not do it exactly as she recommended, rather I promised myself I would sit with no phone either in meditation, journal, mantra or contemplation everyday. I would not give myself a time limit, or a specified time of day. I would do this for 40 days. And if I missed I would pick up the next day and start again. It worked, so well that I stopped doing it...


So, It is time for me to recommit....


And what I know to be true is when I have accountability, I stay consistent. This invitation is to join me: to commit, stay accountable, feel seen, share your practice, and be a part of a CoCreationship.


Investment: FREE- click here to be added to the group

Location: ONLINE

Dates: Begins September 1st: Ends October 10th

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Wild Cyclical Woman: Exploring the Full Spectrum Feminine 

When the feminine was no longer given permission to listen to the innate wisdom of the natural cycle, all suffered; our men, children, Our Earth.  It is time for us to share our experiences, learn about the energies that spiral within us, invite them in , and reclaim what we have lost.

Join me on Sunday, October 29th at Wild Spirit Yoga + Wellness for an afternoon to explore your Wild Cyclical Woman. We will lean into frameworks that build the foundation to reclaim our gnowing, embrace our power and embody the Full Spectrum Feminine.


In this sacred gathering we will join together in ceremony and ritual, learn new information and processes to integrate into our lives, share and bear witness to one another, activate through guided visualization and sound, and honor our bodies with gentle intuitive movement.


Investment: $108

Location: Wild Spirit Yoga + Wellness

Date/Time: Sunday, October 29th, 12-3 pm

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