Manifest the Moon Workshops:
Held Tuesdays closest to the New and Full Moon @smashedclayco

During this workshop, I will begin with meditation and cacao ceremony, asking for guidance to open our hearts and minds, seeking clear direction. Shannon and her team at Smashed Clay will help us start manifesting by getting our hands dirty!! The clay represents us, in our basic form; malleable, raw, ready. We will create our own unique Sacred Objects Bowl; a place that holds reminders of the work we are doing to live in harmony with ourSelf and others. An outward reminder of our inward desires.
🪄Experience investment $75

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CoCreationship: On Online Container

Holding Space for:

  • Devotion

  • Movement

  • Breath

  • Introspection

  • Creation of Personal Sacred Altar and Medicine bag.

Energy Investment: 

  • 6 week commitment to yourSelf

  • Weekly online live or recordings available

  • Community CoCreation Space

  • Community Chat Space

  • Intuitive Practice Container

  • Sustainable Practices for daily life

$111 for the 6 week container.

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Energy Sessions offered at

Natura Wellness Retreat, Magnolia, Texas

As I remember my gifts, I have the capacity to share them with others. I stand in the truth of my purpose, and align with those who have come before me and those yet to come, in a Divine orchestration of energy. Through song, breath, movement and releases we activate our knowing, align with truth, live authentically and whole, today.

Utilizing Reiki as the energetic container, each session is a blend of sacred sound vibration, intuitive breath and song, oracle cards and the profound wisdom of the mystery of the natural world to guide these sessions.

At Natura Wellness Retreat, our purpose is to provide a inviting environment where one can disconnect from the stress and chaos of urban living and be filled with the energy of Mother Nature. With Natura Wellness Retreat, our mission is to make a positive impact on the Earth, nature, and humanity by sharing our knowledge of the forest, wildlife, and holistic energy medicine in an environment of peace and harmony.

These sessions are always unique, meeting the person right where they are treating the whole mulitdimentionality of being human.

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Cacao and Mala Workshops

The Mala is a symbolic tool used in meditation to allow the practitioner to tap In with concentrated, intentional awareness. Typically used with a specific mantra or prayer, repeated 108 times, the Mala is a part of our medicine bag, to keep us connected with our highest truth, to integrate the Divine into the mundane parts of daily life. The thread is the Spirit, activated by breath, the life force energy that connects us all. Each bead a representation of moments along the journey, all divinely orchestrated to create our Uniquely Synchronistic Life.

During this workshop Emily will open the container as we join our hearts in a cacao ceremony. Individually we will set intentions for our Mala and connect to the lessons life has taught us thus far. Collectively, we will honor the changing seasons; letting go and manifesting new. Emily and Chris will guide us through the steps in creating our Malas, as a meditative/creative practice uniting our bodies and minds to Spirit.

Come manifest and raise the vibration, as we change the world, one bead at a time 😉 📿

Experience Investment: $65
All supplies provided.
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Wild Spirit School of Yoga is excited to announce we will be kicking off a new 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training this June 2022!


We have redesigned our program to reflect the power, passion and drive that teaching yoga requires. The power lies in finding your voice as a teacher. We all have a unique point of view and experience of yoga. Our purpose is in helping you to discover what you love about the practice and how it has impacted you, so that you may share these tools from a voice of experience. 


The passion for yoga is the full experience. We will dive deep into not only the postures and asanas of yoga, but the approach is much more holistic. We will talk philosophy, learn from the sutras and traditions of the practice. Why we do what we do in yoga, what is it all for? We will learn meditation techniques and practice, we will experience breath and pranayama from the yogic lens, we will walk thru Ayurveda and the benefits of understanding this ancient science and its impacts on our practice.


The drive is the decision to show up for something you care about. 200 hours is a commitment of time, that in itself can teach us the gifts of persistence and commitment. We will be working with the tools of yoga. You will be not only a student of these tools, but you will be applying them to your practice which will challenge you, transform you, and expand you. That being said, we are all adults. We all get to make the choice in how we show up as a student. You will have the opportunity to make these choices throughout our time together and beyond!


This training will be a hybrid training, doing in person sessions as well as some content on line. 


Primarily led by Jennifer Carmack, ERY-500 and Emily Williams, ERY-500. We will be hosting guest teachers as well, from a variety of backgrounds and specialities, to bring their wisdom and experience to you. 


Mary Opperman, The Studies of Sanskrit and Pranayama

Stacey Ramsower, Tantra + Somatic Experiencing.

Wes Wesolick, The Chakra Guru

Jean Dixon, LPC-S, CGP, Overall badass Yoga +Trauma Therapist.


Yoga on Demand through IFMDtv

Bringing my journey to your living room ON DEMAND with the new Channel on ROKU. IMFDtv is a channel with the creatives at its core. Created by Indy Producers for an Indy world, this new channel gives you access to independent films, music and documentaries, FREE on demand. Available on ROKU, streaming. 

I am embracing my gifts and following the golden thread of connection, collaborating with people who have been an integral role in my personal growth. What a beautiful gift it is to be alive. 

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