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Gather around the Hearth: A day of Heart Centered Community Natura Wellness Retreat

The Next Gathering Is DECEMBER 3!

I am honored to be cocreating such a special day out at Natura. So grateful for all the beautiful humans bringing their magic to share with our community.

Cost: $22/car (parking limited carpool encouraged) $4/person, children under 12 free!


Cost includes the full day of workshops and community.


Donations encouraged for one-on-one experiences

Event is BYOP (bring your own picnic) and BYOI (bring your own instrument). Our hope is that we will have no shortage of jam sessions throughout the day. Let’s sing, dance, play and celebrate our hearts.

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Local Artist and vendors:

If you are interested in offering your magic, please shoot me a DM or email: booth space is $22 and includes one car/two entrance tickets separate vendor post to come, showcasing all of you!!

One-One Opportunities to Support Your Remembering


Establishing Her: A Women's Movement

Establishing Her is a movement of reclamation of the self. For menstruating women AND for every stage of woman: young maidens, expecting mothers, and the transition to Crone. Reclaiming our value and bringing back reverence to womanhood at every stage that we live.

While the focus at Establishing Her is on the feminine, we hold the vision for the masculine counterpart movement. For him, the invitation is the same, into the mystery of self. The brotherhood is re-establishing into warriors of love. They too, have their space, their descent, their rites of passages and celebrations. They are restoring themselves and creating a line of elders, Kings and sons.

The Offering:

  • 1 year online course guiding you through your pilgrimage to reconnect with your body and feminine rhythms. Then integrating these reclaimed pieces of ourselves with the process of the Heroine’s Journey. Begins January 2024.

  • Rites of Passage: 4 initiations:  representing each phase. To be completed at one's own pace. 

  • Her Council: initiation  with completion of online course+rites of passage. The sacred ceremony that honors your descent and rise from the ashes. Honors Gaia and your renewed connection to her. Honors the feminine, her magic, her prayers, her divine. Creating a new and remembered tribe of women. Keeping the reverence, teachings and traditions alive. Sharing with our sisters, mothers and daughters. Summer of 2025

For more information, reach out via email to Emily or Tonya

One-One Opportunities to Support Your Remembering

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Women's Red Tent at Wild Spirit Yoga + Wellness

Join Jess and Emily as we celebrate the coming of winter, both externally and internally; entering the time of hibernation, where the elder wisdom within comes to us in the space of the pause, in dreams, and soft whispers. We acknowledge this time of purification/release of that which no longer serves us from the previous year. We soften and accept what we must feel and express to release. We take time to rest in the darkness, knowing our light shines more clearly when we do.

The red tent is an opportunity to cultivate sacred circle, to build trust in relationships and partnerships with other women, to build commUnity. We will share poems, songs and stories, invite in sacred ritual with drumming and meditation, nourish our body with gentle movement, create a space to receive unconditional love from ourselves and give unto one another.

These experiences weave the threads of connection that support us throughout our lives and the lives of the women with whom we circle, it is an intricate/ancient weaving that expands across timelines.

Dress comfortably, something that allows you to move, to express and makes you feel like the beautiful woman that YOU ARE! Bring a journal, a comfy blanket, perhaps a poem or a song to share. Come with an open heart ready to receive and release and PAUSE, in a safe, inclusive space.

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