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The most common conversation I have with friends, students, and myself over the last few years revolves around returning home to the truth of who we are - the truth beneath the conditioning; the truth that we are LOVE at our core.


We have observed the collective tendency to seek happiness and purpose externally. This pattern has served society on a macro level, and individuals on a micro level. Many of you have been diligently working to shift this paradigm, realizing that it is imperative to take Radical Responsibility to change the narrative.


As we delve into deeper Soul work, we understand that all that we seek, we already possess within us. We have the power to change our current reality, but it requires time, patience, and practice. Learning to show up for oneself is a practice that stands above all others.


This coaching opportunity is intuitively tailored to YOU, empowering you to navigate the journey from the head to the heart - often the most treacherous and uncharted path.


Here, you will learn how to hold space for yourself sustainably. Together, we will navigate the spaces in between and craft a sustainable roadmap that supports holistic living in authenticity.


Each session will be tailored to the student's needs. We will:


  • Identify consistent thought patterns and ruts, and create accountability practices to rewire these pathways.

  • Recover and reconnect with versions of yourself you have forgotten, and learn how to integrate and embody them in the present.

  • Cultivate deeper awareness by identifying present tolerations, incompletions, masks, and conditioned responses.

  • Explore energetic practices to tune in and build a toolkit for navigating the spaces in between.

  • Implement a sustainability plan to maintain accountability and growth.

  • Integrate anchors and daily rituals into the ceremony of life to continue traveling the intuitive road.


To stand in our true nature, in service of the Greater Good, we must expand our capacity to show up for ourselves. As we continue to peel away layers of conditioning and open our hearts, we must build a solid foundation, returning to our Empowered State of Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Coaching Duration:  6 Sessions

Location: Zoom, at Saha Yoga and Wellness House or a local location of choice.

Investment: Individual sessions $144. Package of 6/$755

Are you ready to take responsibility?

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