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Rei connects the Universal Consciousness / Universal Mind / God / Supreme Being with the elemental forces of the Earth through the Mind, Body and Spirit of a human being.

Ki is Life Force Energy, the same as Chi, Prana, Ti or Ki; the biofield of energy. Life Force Energy plays an important role in everything we do. Sometimes is can be misappropriated / blocked / restrained by conditions of our daily life, fluctuations of the mind or patterns both adopted from our habits and or from traumas experienced.

The human, or healer, acts as a bridge to bring Reiki wisdom, guidance and healing down to the people.

Reiki is a unique kind of Ki, it is guided by spiritual consciousness; it is brought to the student though an attunement from a Reiki Master Teacher. This attunement is an initiation of sorts; adjusting the students energy pathways to accommodate the ability to channel Reiki energy. It is held by a sacred lineage of practitioners who hold space for the ever expanding ocean of waking consciousness.

When you are attuned, you have a lifetime of awareness both ahead of you and behind you, carrying the wisdom of all who have come before you and all who will come after you. Reiki can be used for self healing, to provide a safe container to help others heal, and to lovingly honor the Great Turning, happening RIGHT NOW.




In the initial stage, Level 1 Reiki is primarily geared towards physical healing. This level serves as the gateway to the realm of energy healing, fostering heightened awareness. As you delve into Level 1, your perception of subtle energy undergoes a transformation, and your hands become more attuned and sensitive. The focus here is on self-healing, with daily practices becoming a cornerstone. Many practitioners embark on the journey of a daily practice, witnessing changes in their energy body that subsequently influence positive shifts in the physical body. In essence, Level 1 marks the commencement of one's self-healing journey.



Transitioning to Level 2, the focus of energy clearing extends to the emotional realm. This stage deepens your connection to the energy system, equipping you with the knowledge to channel energy for specific purposes. Level 2 Reiki often brings about emotional changes, empowering students to overcome limiting beliefs and process their feelings in a healthier manner. The significance of a daily practice persists, aiding in quieting the restless "monkey mind."



Level 3, known as the Master level, transcends to a spiritual plane, emphasizing soul healing. Here, practitioners delve into healing at a cellular level. Additionally, Level 3 serves as a prerequisite for those aspiring to teach Reiki. This advanced stage represents a profound connection with the spiritual dimensions of healing, further expanding the practitioner's abilities and understanding of Reiki.

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