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Opportunities to reclaim the full spectrum of who you are and uncover your unique gifts.


As your coach I want to walk with you on your journey of self-discovery. I listen, hold space and honor the full spectrum that is YOU.  am here to get to know you, to hold space for you, to bring forward your strengths/weaknesses,  your patterns, your idiosyncrasies, your quirks, and to empower you to embrace and take ownership of your decisions.  Together we create a measurable action plan to move you from transition to transformation.


My primary passion lies with the reclamation of the cyclic wisdom of the Feminine, Mother Earth; and honoring this wisdom in guiding humans back home to their intuitive connections and inner knowing. 

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Establishing Her is a movement of reclamation of the self. For menstruating women AND for every stage of woman: young maidens, expecting mothers, and the transition to Crone. Reclaiming our value and bringing back reverence to womanhood at every stage that we live.

While the focus at Establishing Her is on the feminine, we hold the vision for the masculine counterpart movement. For him, the invitation is the same, into the mystery of self. The brotherhood is re-establishing into warriors of love. They too, have their space, their descent, their rites of passages and celebrations. They are restoring themselves and creating a line of elders, Kings and sons.

The Offering:

·        1 year online course guiding you through your pilgrimage to reconnect with your body and feminine rhythms. Then integrating these reclaimed pieces of ourselves with the process of the Heroine’s Journey. Begins January 2024.

·        Rites of Passage: 4 initiations:  representing each phase. To be completed at one's own pace. 

·        Her Council: initiation  with completion of online course+rites of passage. The sacred ceremony that honors your descent and rise from the ashes. Honors Gaia and your renewed connection to her. Honors the feminine, her magic, her prayers, her divine. Creating a new and remembered tribe of women. Keeping the reverence, teachings and traditions alive. Sharing with our sisters, mothers and daughters. Summer of 2025

CONTAINER IS CLOSED FOR 2024. One-One Coaching available.

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