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Malas have been used by spiritual seekers for thousands of years to help keep their minds focused during meditation. The term ‘mala’ is a Sanskrit word for “meditation garland.” Originally, mala beads were used for a special style of meditation called Japa, which means, “to recite.” Malas are usually made up of 108 beads used to count mantras in sets of 108 repetitions.The 109th stone, or the guru stone, symbolizes gratitude and our connection to the divine. It is a way to say thank-you to all the spiritual teachers who have helped us on our path to enlightenment.

Each of my malas are handmade with love and intention and a littly whimsy. Unique and one of a kind, just like every human on the planet. I always have some malas on hand, and LOVE creating custom pieces! Please contact me for more information! 

Custom Malas

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