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Customized transformational experiences to deepen and enrich your journey, furthering your understanding of your Sacred Purpose.



Life is a ceremony, worth celebrating. Creating rituals in our daily lives allows us to tap into the deeper essence of connection and abundance as a collective. Creating sacred, ceremonial spaces is something I am honored to share. Whether we are sharing in Cacao and other sacred plants, celebrating the cycles of the moon, singing, dancing, creating with clay or beads... when we enter with reverence and grace for Life, we co-create a more beautiful world, a sustainable world.


Each day attendees will participate in group processes including yoga, journaling, meditation, breathwork, sound immersion, bio-energetic processes and other facilitated releases. Each retreat is uniquely designed for each group. The container we create as a group is Sacred, each of us playing a role in the process of another's work. We recognize the courage that it takes to be vulnerable, and we stand in our integrity as space holders, for each other.

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